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The materials actually used in the sports equipment factory are usually composed of polycrystals.

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The material actually used in the sports equipment factory is usually composed of polycrystals. At room temperature, each crystal grain in the polycrystal is deformed in the same basic single crystal but due to the different orientation between adjacent crystal grains and the presence of grain boundaries, so much more. Deformation of the crystal is not only impeded by cerification,but also requires that the deformation of each crystal grain is coordinated and coordinated. Therefore, the plastic deformation of the polycrystal is more complicated. The influence of the grain orientation on the plastic deformation of the polycrystal is discussed. When mutual restraints and external forces acting on the polycrystal during the deformation process of each crystal grain are exerted, due to the anisotropy of the crystal, the stress on the crystals of different orientations does not act on the sliding system of each crystal grain. The splitting stress is very different due to the difference of the crystal grain positions, so that each crystal grain starts to deform, and the crystal grains in the favorable position first slip, and the crystal grains in the unfavorable position do not begin to slip. The orientation of the slip lines in different orientation grains is also different, and the direction of sliding illumination is also not the same. Therefore, it is not possible to slip large grains to another grain, but each crystal grain in the polycrystal is located in other grains. Tablets siege, its deformation can not necessarily maintain the continuity of its deformation even blink intergranular, voids campus sports equipment will be bent again coordinated with each other, otherwise it is difficult to perform coordination and cooperation with each other, each die only.