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Standard basketball frame standard

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The size of the backboard is 180 centimeters wide and 105 centimeters in height, and its lower edge is at least 290 centimeters from the floor. The surface of the backboard should be flat and measured around the outside line. The width is 59 cm and the height is 45 cm. The upper edge of this rectangular bottom line must be connected with the upper end of the ring.
The main pole of the basketball hoop: the diameter of the high-quality square steel pipe is 140 mm, and the diameter of the main rod of the international standard mobile hoop type basketball hoop is 75 mm. The Aiwa Sports Basketball Rack's moving bottom box is made of high-quality steel plate with a height of 20, a width of 100 and a length of 180. If you have any questions, you can log in to to learn about the relevant specifications of the basketball stand.
Standard basketball stand height: The standard height of the ring to the ground is 305 cm. The lower edge of the backboard is 290 cm from the ground. The distance from the backboard to the bottom line is 120 cm.
Basket: The basket includes the ring and the net. The ring is made of solid iron material, with an inner diameter of at least 45 cm and a maximum of 45.7 cm, painted orange. The metal ring has a minimum diameter of 1.6 cm and a width of 2.0 cm. The net should be white and hung on the hoop. Its purpose is to make the ball slightly hindered when it enters the basket. The net should have 12 meshes to hang on the hoop. The length of the net should be 40 cm and it must not exceed the maximum length. 45 cm.
Ball: The basketball must be a full circle and its color is orange. The skin must be made of leather, rubber or synthetic material. The degree of pressure in the ball falls to the playing field at a height of about 1.8 cm from the bottom of the ball. The rebound height, from the top of the ball, must not be less than 1.2 meters, or more than 1.4 meters.
Timer: The timer is to display the match time, the number of sides and the number of fouls of the team, and it should be installed in a place clearly visible to everyone on the court.
Thirty-second timer: The thirty-second timer is an automatic timer. It uses digital countdown and displays the unit in seconds.
Record table: All the official games organized by the International Basketball Association, the record form should be approved by the International Basketball Association.
Foul times card: It should be white, with the minimum size being 20 cm long and 10 cm wide. 2 x 20 minutes format, the number is 1 to 5 (1 to 4 is black, 5 is red). 4 x 12 minutes format, figures
It is 1 to 6 (1 to 5 is black, 6 is red).
Team foul sign: The team's foul sign should be red, at least 20 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters high. It should be placed on a recording table so that everyone on the court can clearly see it.