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Technical Information
Optimal anti-aging motion:
The anti-aging fitness method is the first to run, as long as perseverance persists in fitness running, it can mobilize the enthusiasm of antioxidant enzymes in the body and thus receive anti-aging effects.
Optimal anti-hypertensive exercise:
Experts have found that the exercise methods selected by the hypertensive patients include walking, cycling, and swimming. Sports equipment should not be used for lifting, pulling, pushing, or picking, because this may induce an increase in blood pressure. Walking and other dynamic movements, through the repeated contraction of muscles, promote blood vessels to contract and expand, thereby reducing blood.
The best weight loss exercise:
The best combination of hands and feet, such as skiing, swimming and so on. If you are in the prime of your life, you can also choose to exercise by boxing, lifting weights, climbing, etc., which is especially effective for fat consumption.
Optimal anti-myopia movement:
Playing table tennis is beneficial to increase the contractile function of the ciliary muscle, and the visual recovery is more obvious. The secret is that when playing table tennis, the eye uses table tennis as the goal, and keeps moving far, near, up, and down, constantly making the ciliary muscles relax and contract, and the extraocular muscles are also constantly shrinking, which greatly promotes the organization of the eyeballs. Blood supply.
Optimal brain activity:
All aerobic exercise has a brain-braining effect, especially for bounce sports, which can promote blood circulation and provide sufficient energy for the brain, and more importantly, play a role in activating the brain, warming the brain, and warming the lungs. It can improve thinking and Imagination ability.
Best Bodybuilding Exercise:
Many young men and women pursue bodybuilding, and as long as they persist in aerobics and gymnastics, and exercise balance and coordination, they will receive significant results.