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Carbon Fiber: New Materials for Sports Equipment

Technical Information

The gap between carbon fiber and everyone's days is now very close, and what we are most familiar with is some sporting equipment. Most of the traditional sports products use wood and their composite data products. However, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials are much higher than that of wood. Its specific strength and specific modulus are 4 and 3 times that of Chinese fir, and 3.4 and 4.4 times that of Chinese zelaya. Therefore, it has been widely used in sporting goods. In terms of cultural and sports goods, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials are mainly used in the following areas: Golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis racquets, badminton rackets, racing cars, skis, frames, etc. In addition, carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials can also be used to make power springboards, bows, arrows, flea, ice hockey sticks, yachts, rowing boats, rowing boats, sailing masts, motorcycle parts, and mountain climbing supplies. And glider, human aircraft and so on.