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Wheel Based Portable Pickleball Post

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Wheel Based Portable Pickleball Post

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Portable Pickleball Post


  • Designed tough to remain assembled indoors or outdoors
  • Great for indoor & outdoor single or multi-use courts
  • Built with heavy gauge steel tennis posts with brass cable tensioning mechanism.
  • Welded angle post bracing for a long lasting solid frame design
  • Very low maintenance
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • Frame built with a 5-piece designs
  • Size : 22''x34'' at the 80mm, 12 gauge  
  • Weight : about 250lbs  
  • Construction : powder coated posts and net hook  
  • Net : 3.0mm Polyethylene net with 56oz single layer ,white vinyl headband  
  • Include : Net cable ,net strap and fiberglass rods  
  • Surface : Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
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