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Portable and foldable mini aluminum soccer goal--5'*3'

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Portable and foldable mini aluminum soccer goal--5'*3'

1.ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION:high strength, easy to move alloy Aluminum for all of oaur products
2.STRONG DESIGN:made of strong aluminum material .
3.Portable and foldable:the aluminum soccer goal can be portable and foldable for safe usage.
4.Non assembly:the goal do not need to install,just open and folds by one person.
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Product Detail
Type:foldable and portable
Strong aluminum structure:The goal made of durable aluminum round tube
Non Assembly:all alminum structure no need to install,only one person can open and fold.
Why Choose Us
1.Safe Stable structure:the aluminum frame construction ensures durability strike after strike without ever losing its structure or strength - our construction is absolutely impossible to break.
2.Portable  and foldable with aluminum wheels
The aluminum soccer goal  are special designed for easy portable and foldable needs
3.Light weight for shipping
The aluminum material light weight and easy to take by one person.
4.Non Assembly
The goal connections are all made of durable  iron cast aluminum material,and no need to assembly ,just open and fold by one person.
5.Just very good goal for home training
lay all day and night too with the Hi-Vis strips on the net lining. For the most epic matches under the pitch lights. Durable, aluminum frame, pegs and net made for years of safe, healthy exercise and fun for you to improve your game. Sturdy pegs hold the net in the ground to withstand the most powerful shots and kicks.
All my aluminum soccer goal produce by fitting sport come with a 2-years factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping or any part breaks within 2 years of purchase please contact Fitting sport!
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