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Gymnastic foam vaulting box

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Gymnastic foam vaulting box

1.Safe material for training
2.Light weight and can easy moving each sections
3.Stable velcro to connect each piece
4.One year warranty
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Broad Usage- 


Our foam vauting box can be used for many different kinds of exercises such as box jumping and stepping up,gymnastic training etc. to train your speed, power and strength.


High Quality Material-


 The external is mainly made with long lasting PVC. The main material of internal part is EPE. Both of them can enable the jumping box serve longer time and constitute a solid construction.


Large Weight Capacity-


Sturdy and durable construction makes it owns a large capacity. The max loading capacity of this jumping can reach 661lbs.


Safe Use-


It will never slip or move and always steadily support you while you are jumping because each box are closely connected. Jumping boxes can be also easily attached to each other. Corners and edges is safe design which will never hurt you.


One year warranty

These Fitting sport beams come with a 1-year factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping or any part breaks within 1 years of purchase please contact Fitting sport!

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