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Freestanding Tennis Posts [Aluminum] | Lightweight & Portable Tennis Post

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Freestanding Tennis Posts [Aluminum] | Lightweight & Portable Tennis Post

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Portable Tennis Post

  • COMPLETELY FREESTANDING – These tennis posts are 100% freestanding, making them the perfect choice for colleges, clubs and academies where permanent posts are suitable. Suitable for any court surface. Available in Green or Black.
  • 360° MOVEMENT – Unique to any other freestanding tennis posts, these posts feature 4x retractable wheels which allow for simple 360° movement. Ideal for storage & portability.
  • SINGLES & DOUBLES – What sets these posts apart is their innovative modular design. The impressive tennis posts boast the ability to simply convert from singles (33ft) to doubles (42ft) in seconds.
  • ELITE CONSTRUCTION – Expertly engineered using 80mm box section aluminum, these posts balance supreme durability with a lightweight nature. 100% weatherproof, these posts can be left outside all year round.
33FT to 42FT available  
Post : 80mm square tube  
Frame can be steel or aluminum 
Includes : net cable ,net strap and fiberglass rods
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