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Foam folding gymnastic beam - 10#

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Foam folding gymnastic beam - 10#

•Available in different lengths: 8 feet, 9 feet,9.5feet,10feet
•Light weight
•Fodable for easy handling and storage
•High-density firm cross-linked polyethylene foam core to give gymnasts a solid support
•Covered with high quality synthetic suede
•Anti-slip bottom keep the beam from sliding on the floor.
•Customized logo
•Various colors for choice
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Product Detail

Foam folding gymnastic beam 10#

Length 6FT/8FT/9FT/9.5FT/10FT
Size 10cm top with 15cm bottom
Core High density EVA
Cover faux suede
Color pink/blue/purple/teal/tan


Why Choose Us 

•High-density firm cross-linked polyethylene foam Made of high quality material to avoid feet sinking, this beam will hold up over time and use. This beam is made for children or adults and is the same quality you'd get in a gym.

•Perfect for training beginner and advanced gymnasts It's perfect for forwards and backwards rolls, cartwheels, dance jumps, turns, cartwheels, round off, backsprings and so much more.

•Light Weight and Folds The Beam folds in half for easy storage and handling.Practice is vital to master any skill and making it to a gym regularly can be difficult. Give yourself or your child a leg up by practicing in home.

•Safer by design Your balance beam is extremely safe. Our low beam allows the gymnast to develop their skills at ground level before progressing to the professional balance beam The beam also has an Anti-Slip base to prevent slippages as the beam is used

•One year warranty These Fitting sport beams come with a 1-year factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping or any part breaks within 1 years of purchase please contact Fitting sport!

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