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FIG standard competition aluminum balance beam

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FIG standard competition aluminum balance beam

1.FIG standard competition shape for training
2.Durable aluminum steel tube for beam body
3.Two special locking system to control the height from 70-125cm
4.Warranty:1 year
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1. Beam length 500 cm,
 Top width 10 cm
Height 16cm
inner tube of aluminum alloy material. Adhered with high-density rubber sponge on the top and covered with special fiber leather and hygroscopic material, for better damping effect.
2. The columns are welded by high-quality steel tube , 2 oval-shaped special locking system, which make it much convenient on the height adjustment.
3. Height adjustment scope 70cm-125cm, by each 5cm.
4.Features: The special rubber damping system strengthen the overall elasticity of the crossbeam, oval handle can
adjust the beam height quickly, locking quickly and firmly, the preformed foam plug can maximum protect the athletes
5.Warranty:  1 year


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