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Double type height adjustable home training Ballet Barre

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Double type height adjustable home training Ballet Barre

•Height can be adjustable for any height to 120cm
•Easy to install one person
•soft foam cover the cross bar for good training feeling
•Light weight for home training
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Product Detail


•Adjustable Height from any height to around 120cm

•Base length:77cm with four extensions legs

•Weight Capacity 200 lbs

•All Connection part by fittings

•Cross bar:made of high grade steel with powder coated finish

•One Year Warranty

•Assembly Instructions


•Made in China

Why Choose Us

•Easy to install

 The height adjustable ballet barre is easy to install by connection plastic fittings and rubber legs,You only need to follow the installation to do!

Weight Limited

The recommended weight capacity of the Ballet Bar is 200 lbs.  



Light weight for stock and soft foam to protect the user for a better feeling!

•Various color for choice:pink,purple,red,silver,green,blue

One Year Warranty

These Fitting sport Ballet bars come with a 1-year factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping or any part breaks within 1 years of purchase please contact Fitting sport!

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