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Dia60mm portable and foldable aluminum soccer goal

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Dia60mm portable and foldable aluminum soccer goal

1.ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION:high strength, easy to move alloy Aluminum for all of oaur products
2.STRONG DESIGN:Dia60mm  aluminum - can stand up to the strongest shots again and again.
3.Portable:the aluminum soccer goal can be portable to be flat for easier stock.
4.Easy to assemble :easy to assemble by instruction
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Type:freestanding and portable

Front frame:Uprights and Upper Cross Bars are made from Dia 60mm variable wall,  high strength, aluminum tube.

Rare Cross bar:made of dia32mm aluminum tube

Portable:The goal designed  with ease of portability, assembly and storage in mind

Net:PE squar mesh NET

Fittings:stainless fitting + durable net clip +U peg


Why Choose Us

1. Safe Stable structure:the freestanding structure of the aluminum soccer goal allows size from mini size to 5m*2m. can stand up to the strongest shots again and again.

2. Portable for flat stock

The aluminum soccer goal  are delivered in flat pack form and require assembly which is extremely easy due to the stainless steel bolts and nuts that are provided with the soccer goal.

3. Light weight for shipping

Dia 60mm Aluminum steel structure with light weight for shipping than steel structure.

4. Easy to install

The goal is very easy to install by stainless fittings,bolts and net clips by two persons.


All my aluminum soccer goal produce by fitting sport come with a 2-years factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping or any part breaks within 2 years of purchase please contact Fitting sport!


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