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Competition shape floor gymnastic beam-----8FT

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Competition shape floor gymnastic beam-----8FT

•Competition shape for super touching feeling
•8mm high density EVA( closed celled foam) on top
•Beam body size:5.1”* 5.1"
•3mm soft open celled foam wrapping whole beam body for better feeling
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Wood core with weight capacity of  400lbs.  No center support is needed and this allows a mat to slide underneath the beam.  We use almost twice as much wood in our beam as our nearest competitor.  The beam won’t flex or bend when doing leaps or jumps.

Designed for Safety

The Beam was designed with safety in mind keeps your athlete a safe distance from the ground. Each base of the Beam is coated in a soft rubber material to ensure that it is safe for your athlete to step on

•Steel  Legs

High grade steel leg much more durable to support the beam for best gym practice.

Rubbers to protect leg from being slipping.

Various Colors for choice:

tan/purple/pink/blue/turquoise/red/yellow/black/water melon/red/orange

One year Warranty

These Fitting sport beams come with a 1-year factory warranty. If your item is damaged during shipping or any part breaks within 1 years of purchase please contact Fitting sport!




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