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Sports Industry "+" era

Industry Dynamics
At present, the level of China's sports consumption continues to increase, showing good prospects for development, and there is also a pre-judgment in the industry that "the sports industry will welcome gold for 10 years." The prosperity of the industry stems from continuous policy support. In order to promote the development of the sports industry, national government departments have issued a series of policy opinions.
The General Office of the State Council has recently issued the Opinions on Further Expanding the Consumption of Tourism, Culture, Sports, and Health, and Pension Education and Training (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”), proposing to actively expand emerging consumption, stabilize traditional consumption, and tap potential consumption. It is worth noting that sports is emerging from a single concept in traditional thinking. In the area of ​​expanding consumption, sports must not only “stabilize traditional consumption”, but also the potential for consumption contained in “sports+” is really huge.
Expanding sports consumption requires innovative business models and exploration of new industrial fields. Therefore, in today's booming sports environment, how sports can “+” new opportunities become the key to future development. Among them, sports culture, sports tourism, sports, health and leisure will surely become new consumption growth points in the future. Now it is very timely and necessary to start consciously nurturing and developing sports and win-win cooperation in these fields.
In recent years, China's blowout marathon events, and the endless running software, have made running more than just a sport. Instead, they have been inspired by a new era and become a city with profound connotations and full participation. The integration of image marketing, leisure sports and tourism.