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Cartwheel mat maintenance method

Cartwheel mat is composed of a jacket and an inner core. The jacket is made of canvas, Oxford cloth or artificial leather.

Cartwheel mat is composed of a jacket and an inner core. The jacket is made of canvas, Oxford cloth or artificial leather. The inner core is made of foamed sponge, high-density compressed sponge and high-density polyethylene. Cartwheel mat is suitable for beginners to practice, and most students use this method in school.

Cartwheel mat

Analysis of the maintenance methods of Cartwheel mat:
(1) The stains scattered on the Cartwheel mat should be cleaned in time. It will be difficult to remove it after a long time. All Cartwheel mat should be cleaned regularly for two to three months to ensure the health of the user.
(2) Cartwheel mat is an item for practicing gymnastics. Long-term use of the mat becomes a place to hide dirt and dirt. For our health, clean the mat regularly and keep the mat clean. There will be no dust when doing gymnastics.
(3) In daily use, Cartwheel mat should pay attention to prevent the surface from being scratched by important tools and cigarette butts. The mat has been treated with mothproofing before leaving the factory, and there is no need to place the agent, which will cause harm to Cartwheel mat and the human body, reducing part of the cleaning pressure.
(4) Cartwheel mat is suitable for close combination of exercises. It is used every day, and it is indispensable for daily maintenance. If it is used on the concrete floor, it is better to lay a layer of plastic film on the concrete floor and then lay the floor mat. This can prevent the moisture on the ground from damaging the floor mat and keep the underlying floor mat clean.
(5) After training every day, wash the Cartwheel mat with clean water and dry it with a mop or soft brush to keep the floor mat clean. Clean up regularly. Because Cartwheel mat is made of plastic, you can use detergent to clean it, and then dry it all before laying it out.
(6) There are corresponding techniques for laying Cartwheel mat. When the mat is spliced, the gaps should be tightly spliced ​​to avoid sprains and strains caused by toes embedded in the gaps during training.