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2018 Beijing Sports Venue Show March Spring Meets You

Industry Dynamics
The 2018 China (Beijing) Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition will be based on the results of the trade repercussions of the previous Beijing Sports Venue Exhibition. Once again, they will join hands with brand exhibitions such as Flooring Expositions, Floor Shows, and Construction Four New Expositions. The first-line brand companies in the industry rely on continuous deepening of publicity, more professional audiences, tailor-made industry forums, purchasing matchmaking conferences, and designer exchange activities to attract the broad participation of industry-wide supply and demand groups to radiate North China, Northeast China, East China, and Northwest China. In the region, a large number of school and kindergarten procurement representatives, sports facility procurement representatives, designers, and a large number of distribution groups will be organized to build an ideal platform for trade exchanges and brand promotion in the sports field industry in China.
The last Beijing Sports Venue Exhibition was successfully held in Beijing from February 27 to March 1, 2017. The number of visitors increased by 37%, attracting 81,000 visitors, dealers, designers, school and nursery purchasers, purchasers of sports system owners, real estate developers, construction and decoration companies, overseas buyers, manufacturers and other professional visitors. , And held a number of procurement Matchmaking activities, and achieved excellent display and trade results. The exhibition scale of the 2018 Beijing Sports Venue Exhibition will be expected to expand by 40%. The special pavilion zone will be targeted to invite more professional visitors in the areas of distribution, design, and owner procurement to participate in the exhibition and build a sports venue industry technology display, product promotion, and cooperation. Ideal platform for exchange and trade procurement.
As the only professional exhibition for large-scale sports venues in the north, 2018 Beijing sports venues have exhibited more than 80% of the area has been booked. Including Youguan, Pengcheng, Qihang, Anchao, Xinyiyuan, Chaoyue, Taizhou Xinchen, Houshe, Xingao Sports, Koat, Xinerwo, Yachen, and Bo Yue. Representative companies in the home industry will participate again. A number of industry forums and trade matchmaking activities will be held during the exhibition, including: 2018 stadium venues and facilities industry forum, school and child care facilities procurement matchmaking, sports venue owners procurement matchmaking, international procurement matchmaking and designer salons, etc. Many events have attracted numerous distribution channels, owners' purchasers, designers, decoration companies and conferences, and established high quality exchange and procurement matching platforms.
In addition, this year's Beijing Sports Venue Exhibition will be re-displayed with the Sixth Flooring Exposition, Floor Show, Construction Four New Exposition, Coatings Exhibition and other exhibition projects in the same period at the China International Exhibition Center Hall and New Hall to 28 Million square meters of large-scale construction industry exhibition-style procurement and exchange platform!
The construction project will start in the spring and the opening of the exhibition will coincide with the busy shopping season! The beginning of the year is not only platform-oriented, sharing tens of thousands of professional visitors, including distributors, design agencies, developers, construction and decoration construction units, and thousands of overseas buyers, to build a one-stop market to promote new products. The right time is also the most convenient time for the industry demand group and channel link to visit the exhibition. The 2018 Beijing Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition will serve as a venue for the opening of the country’s sports venues. It will bring together many industry brand exhibitors and a wealth of industry and trade exchange activities. It will once again attract the participation of sports venue brand companies and professional audience groups to build brand promotion. The ideal exhibition platform for trade development. From March 15th to March 17th, 2018, let us gather at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old National Exhibition) to witness the new development of the sports field industry!
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