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Table tennis exercise value(1)

August 06, 2016

The use of table tennis, for young and old, Sport Equipment Manufacture tell you:

1. Not only improve the quality of the speed, strength, quality and sensitivity, coordination of the body.And the muscular, strong, robust, joint more flexible solid.

2. Can adjust nerve system flexibility.Enhance the central nervous system to other systems and organs of adjust ability, improve the reaction speed.To play table tennis, the ball in the air speed is quick, forehand attack only 0.15 s can reach the other side .And all this activity is under the command of the brain, often engaged in table tennis practice, can greatly improve the response speed of the nervous system.

3. Can improve the function of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.Often take part in the sport, can make the structure and function of cardiovascular system improved, with table tennis training athletes, when quiet man heart rate is 55 ~ 65 times per second, woman is about 70 times per second.

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