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How to select good price and quality gymnastics foam mat products
Gymnastic foam mat products are one of the protective equipment for gymnastic teaching or training to avoid injuries to practitioners. Good price and quality gymnastic foam mat products are made of polyether foaming, like foam bread. It can be foamed by mechanical equipment or manually surrounded by wood. The foamed cotton is like a square bread. After slicing process with a slicer, the thickness can be cut according to different requirements, and the softness and hardness of the foam can also be adjusted. Although the soft hardness and density of foam are directly related, they are also related to different additive formulas.
What are the advantages of high quality gymnastic foam mat products?
High quality gymnastic foam mat products are non-toxic, tasteless and elastic material. The surface of the gymnastic mat should be lightly pushed with the palm of your hand. There must be a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the foam pad, it will feel wet and slippery. It is easy to slip and fall during practice. The foam mat of high quality gymnastics is made of environmental protection material, recyclable, recyclable and reduced pollution.
Purpose and characteristics of customized wheel pad products
What standards do customized cartwheel mat products need to have in gymnastic? A. Cartwheel mat must meet the standards above. B. Cartwheel mat must be manufactured in compliance with the International Code of Gymnastics-Fitness, Standard 675. The International Gymnastics Association (IGA) has produced a complete set of standardized standards for gymnastic mats.Q: How much weight must be allowed in cartwheels? A. Yes, the weight you add to the side of the pad must allow 30" (710 mm) of back drop (in any vertical direction) and the weight can't be "overworked" on the legs. B. Yes, the weight must allow 40" (1060 mm) of back drop (in any vertical direction) and the weight can't be "overworked" on the legs. This allows for enough bodyweight to perform even the simplest of cartwheel moves without pushing the cartwheel too high.
Cartwheel mat maintenance method
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2021-08-24 16:59
Cartwheel mat is composed of a jacket and an inner core. The jacket is made of canvas, Oxford cloth or artificial leather.
Outline the material and placement requirements of Cartwheel mat
In order to meet people's requirements, some models of Oxford Cartwheel mat can also be folded. Some are different because of the built-in, there are softer textures, and some have harder textures.
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